Dental Exams & Cleanings

At Scheich Familly Dentistry, we understand how precious your oral health is. We offer treatment for decay and gum disease, but we would prefer that you never need help for either condition. That’s why we encourage our patients to come in every six months for exams and teeth cleanings at our Castle Pines dental office.

Comprehensive Oral Exam

At your first appointment with us, we perform a comprehensive examination that gives our dentists an overall picture of your current oral health needs. They will examine each tooth and evaluate your gum health, your dental bite, how your jaw joints are functioning, and provide a comprehensive oral cancer screening that could save your life. 

Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Jeff use updated dental technology, including digital x-rays, to diagnose cavities, cracks, bone loss, tumors, and other conditions. Our intraoral cameras produce highly detailed images that make it easy for you to understand your oral health needs and helps us to customize your treatment accordingly.

Digital Dental X-Rays for Diagnostics

Visual examinations are invaluable, but dental x-rays are still the best way to detect and diagnose what we can’t see with the naked eye. While radiation produced with dental x-rays has always been low, digital x-ray technology further reduces your exposure by up to 80 percent compared to traditional film x-rays.

Teeth Cleanings with a Hygienist

Diligent at-home oral hygiene is not meant to substitute for professional teeth cleanings with a dental hygienist. Even your best brushing and flossing efforts can’t reach hidden areas between teeth and beneath your gumline. 

Using precision instruments, our skilled hygienists comfortably and efficiently remove plaque and tartar from those small areas where bacteria hide. They are committed to helping you achieve excellent gum health and will be happy to counsel you on topics ranging from proper oral home care to nutrition.

Other Preventive Dental Treatments

You may be at higher risk for gum disease due to age, genetics, hormonal changes, and lifestyle habits like tobacco use. We take all these factors into account to provide preventive dental treatments that keep your mouth healthy.

  • Sealants – For children, we recommend dental sealants that create a protective barrier between bacteria and the rough surfaces and grooves in your teeth. 
  • Fluoride treatments – Topical fluoride treatment help protect teeth from acid attacks that regularly occur due to bacteria and sugars in your mouth. Patients who can especially benefit from supplemental fluoride are those with dry mouth, gum disease, and a history of frequent cavities.

Schedule a Dental Exam in Castle Pines, CO

At Scheich Family Dentistry, we can help you avoid many dental conditions and help your family maintain happy, healthy smiles for life. Call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeff or Dr. Stephanie to get started!