Cosmetic Dentistry

We all want to appear confident and attractive to others. We make an effort to choose the right hair, makeup, and clothes but sometimes overlook the most important accessory—a bright, flawless smile. 

If you are unsatisfied with its appearance and wish your smile matched your otherwise put-together appearance, cosmetic dentistry in Castle Pines is for you!

Cosmetic Dentistry Brings out the Best in Your Smile

The goal of cosmetic dentistry isn’t necessarily to completely alter the appearance of your teeth—although we can do that—but to bring out the natural beauty of your smile. Our goal is that when your treatment is complete, your friends look at you, and all they notice is that somehow you look more confident and attractive. 

  • Teeth whitening – You may be surprised to find that all your smile needs is a professional tooth whitening treatment to give it a bright, youthful appearance. We use Zoom Quick Pro and GO disposable whitening trays, and custom take-home whitening kits. 
  • Cosmetic tooth bonding – Another conservative but impactful treatment is dental bonding that uses a tooth-colored filling material to alter the appearance of a tooth and fill in chipped and broken teeth. 
  • Porcelain veneers – We can use porcelain veneers to completely make over your smile or to alter a few teeth that interfere with the harmony of your smile. Veneers sit on the fronts of your teeth to create a new surface and camouflage whatever flaws lie beneath them. Our cosmetic dentist can even out gaps and spacing between teeth, conceal severe tooth staining or discoloration, and even give the appearance of a straighter smile. 

BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers

Cosmetic dentistry at our Castle Pines dental office restores a brighter, more youthful appearance, and adding BOTOX® or dermal fillers takes your appearance to the next level. If you would like your facial features to match your youthful smile, Dr. Stephanie is certified for both BOTOX® and fillers.

Trust Your Smile to Experts Who Care

Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Jeff take enormous pride in the smile transformations they achieve for ther patients, and it all starts with a smile consultation appointment. You can sit down together to convey your wants, needs, and desires for your smile. 

Listening to your concerns helps us understand your goals and recommend the treatment to help you achieve them. Sometimes, we can help you achieve the most stunning results by combining services like dental veneers and teeth whitening. 

Please Call To Arrange Your Smile Consultation

Dr. Jeff and Dr. Stephanie have been offering cosmetic dentistry to patients in Castle Pines for nearly 20 years because they know how important an attractive smile is and how it can boost someone's self-confidence. 

Please call Scheich Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment to see what’s possible for your smile!