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How often does my family need dental cleanings?

According to guidelines established by the American Dental Association, adults and children should have dental cleanings and exams with a trained hygienist every six months. This timing is ideal for staying current with your oral health needs and receiving treatment to prevent minor issues from becoming major problems.

Customized Dental Cleanings in Castle Pines

At Scheich Family Dentistry, we customize your teeth cleaning schedule to meet your needs. If you have healthy teeth and gums and no history of gum disease, cleanings every six months are ideal.

However, if you are prone to cavities and gingivitis, we may recommend cleanings three or more times a year. The reason is that even mild gum disease can advance quickly. When we see you more frequently for cleanings, we have the best chance of staying a step ahead of the disease.

Are You Due for Your Next Teeth Cleaning?

We know that you’re busy, and finding time for dental appointments can sometimes seem impossible. However, investing the time in two cleaning appointments a year is much easier than making multiple trips to our office to deal with problems that could have been avoided.

If you’re due for your next teeth cleaning, please call our Castle Pines dental office and speak with a member of our team to schedule a convenient appointment.

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